At Agile, we are committed to protecting Your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act (2020).



Contact our Privacy Officer at Agile by Email

Contact our Privacy Officer at Agile by Phone

+61 2 8074 5942

Contact our Privacy Officer at Agile by Mail
by writing to

Privacy Officer,
Agile Underwriting Services Pty Ltd
Level 5, 63 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Agile collect Your personal information to assess Your application for insurance, administer Your policy and pay Your claims.  If You do not provide the information that Agile may request, Your insurance application may not be accepted, or Agile may not be able to administer Your policy or administer a claim.  Also, You may breach Your duty of disclosure, the consequences of which are set out in 1.6 Your Duty of Disclosure

Agile may need to share Your information with others to decide whether to accept Your policy, administer Your policy and manage and pay Your claims. 

To allow Agile to do this and to otherwise operate our business, Your personal information may be given to and used by the following:

  1. The Underwriters of this policy are certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s and its own employees and agents. The Underwriters are in the United Kingdom. When Your information is disclosed to the Underwriters it will be protected by the General Data Protection Regulation which contains similar protection to the New Zealand Privacy Principles.
  2. Claims adjusters, lawyers and other people appointed by Agile or the Underwriters, or on Agile’s behalf or the Underwriters behalf for claims handling purposes.


We may disclose the personal information we collect: 

  1. To our relevant employees involved in delivering our services;
  2. If your insurance broker collects this form from you, to that broker
  3. To facilitators such as legal firms, professional experts such as accountants, actuaries, ─ engineers and technology experts;
  4. To the insurance companies with whom we transact business;
  5. To the Lloyd’s Syndicates we represent (which are located in the United Kingdom);
  6. To insurance reference bureau or credit reference bureau; ─ To reinsurers or reinsurance brokers (which may include reinsurers located outside of Australia and New Zealand).

By submitting Your personal information to Agile, You agree to Agile using and disclosing Your personal information this way. This consent to the use and disclosure of Your personal information remains valid unless You alter or revoke it by giving Agile written notice.

If Your details or personal information changes You should notify Agile in writing at the above contact details, so Agile can ensure that the information Agile hold about You is accurate, complete and up to date.